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What is Cynaze?

Be Smart, Get Connected

At Cynaze, we design and develop Smart products which save your time and increase your productivity. Our products are Smart, Innovative and Affordable that make use of technology to automate tasks which we do in our daily life, so you get to do what's important to you.

Who is Cynaze for?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for the best products to start building your connected life, or a business leader looking to take your company to the next level or a startup interested in automating your world making it Smart, thus giving you the time to do something you love. Cynaze is for you.

Why our Products will work for you

It all starts with our awesome features

Elegant Design

Products designed in a way to provide the best ergonomics and performance making them perfect having a great design.


Connect and automate your tasks and devices using a Smartphone or a Computer.

User Friendly

Simple interfaces on mobile and computers make sure you just have to Plug n Play. Just connect and Voila!


We handcraft the hardware and software in a perfect blend to get the best possible interaction with our devices.


Make your devices "Smart" using our products and let the technology work for you.


Perfect guides and how-tos with a lot of FAQs to answer all of your questions without getting you to worry.

battery console


Smart Battery App

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Smart Energy Plugs

I spend most my time programming for my projects and I just let my devices do their work by themself, thanks to Cynaze

Swapnil KulkarniIT professional

I have been using Cynaze products for quite a while and almost all my devices are automated. They automatically switch off and switch on saving me the time and letting me focus on my important work.

Aniket PotdarBusiness owner

I used to charge my phone all night, but the app really helped me save on my battery in the long run. I recommend using the battery console app for anyone using Android phones.

Akshay KaranjekarStudent

I used one of the products in my house and it worked like a charm! I dont need to worry about switching on my lights in the evening. They just switch on at the time I set.

Kamlesh VaidyaManager

Save time

by making devices Smart

and Automated

Connect and automate your devices to save time. Use your precious time doing things which are more important and let our Smart products do the work.

What we can help you achieve

With Cynaze, you can extend the reach of your time and money, allowing you to do what you love and be more productive with your work.

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